December 22, 2021 at 07:41PM

December is kind of a “busy” month in Japan as well. Many types of “preparation” to many rituals. They say, it is the month when a “master (who usually is very calm)” would run around for the errands. It is quite important to introduce the stories around/behind these rituals, because the rituals are the practice based on the (historical) culture.

One of the rituals we followed until last year is the “Fukubukuro” – a wishing lucky bag to welcome the new year. I prepared it last year in the US as well, but I am sorry that I won’t be able to do so this year due to the current condition. Keiko will prepare it in Japan, and I may be able to introduce the same package when we have enough time to do so: around the time we can enjoy the Cherry Blossom. It would be great if you could wait for the update in English. It is still challenging to do “business” in Sashiko: with limited logistics and steep inflation. Well, I gotta do what I can do :D.

少しずつ小出しにしていた「刺し子な福袋」なのですが、やっと全てのページを準備することができました。(1). 福袋の詳細、(2). 福袋への思い (3). 販売ページ……と、伝えたいこと&恵子さんが描くことを丁寧に文章にしていたら、大変な時間がかかってしまいました。日本時間の12/26(土)9pmの販売開始予定です(とはいえ、早いもの勝ちになるのはお届け順にできるように準備します。27日迄に頂いたご注文は、お時間を頂くかもしれませんが、必ずお届けします)。



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