December 24, 2021 at 11:02AM


For the “Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag)”, due to the difficulty in both finance & logistics, I have not prepared any store page in English. I will see what I can do after the busy season.

For the Online Sashiko Class, please check the link from our Instagram Profile. You should find a link to check the details of our Online Sashiko Class. The Online Sashiko Class is in English, and it will teach you the “Core & Essence” of Sashiko, which is unfortunately not shared in English outside of this Online Class. The opportunities for the In-person workshop are available, but very limited. There may be a spot open for 3-Days Sashiko workshop in FL. Please contact Aya Fiber Studio (@aya_fiber_studio). The classes in QuiltCon 2022 seem to be sold out, but please contact MQG for the waitlist. I remember there was a lot of movement at last minutes in QuiltCon.

Since my weekly Live Streaming in Japanese is doing good, I plan to offer the Sashiko Live in English periodically as well. I plan to offer it on every Thursday at 9 pm EST (I had to cancel it due to my headache last night, sorry). Soon, I will ask the poll for the preference on Youtube. If you have not checked our Youtube Channel, please find it from our link or just direct URL here (

I will keep sharing the Sashiko Stories even during the Holidays. The store is also available since we do not have any plans to travel. It would be great if you could support our business to enjoy your Sashiko over the winter. Thank you!!




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