December 27, 2021 at 08:08AM

All I am doing is to be “the someone” I wanted to have when I was a child.

Everyone has their own challenges. In this society, sometimes, “What one has” doesn’t define happiness, and so was my childhood. “How much we have” is important to dodge unfortunate events, but they are all relative to the ongoing situation and “others”. In Sashiko, I am privileged, but I never “wanted” to learn Sashiko. I had to learn to survive. It came with consequences, and I often suffer from it, too, yet I feel the (unwanted) responsibility.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. Spiderman – A quote I learned in English in my youth. I do have great responsibility in Sashiko. In this society, “English” as a language is one form of Great Power. If one speaks English, the wall of the culture surviving globally gets lower. If not, the culture may be buried, or worse, it may be repainted to a completely different color. Therefore, I speak up as a Japanese person who practices Sashiko today. Please keep learning. I am not the one who gives you candy (comfort), but I can be the one who gives you the wisdom (answer) you may be looking for (subconsciously). Stop trying to find a comfortable place with words by saying “inspired” or “style”. It doesn’t excuse one from Cultural Appropriation unless they try to understand the Essence. It means, though, when they try to learn the essence, it can avoid Cultural Appropriation. Doubt your “expectation”. Sashiko is a simple & easy form of stitching, but it is much more than that.

When one (you) wishes to learn, I am here. When they try to learn, they don’t have to say “Style” or “Inspired”. It is Sashiko, and it can be Boro.



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