November 22, 2023 at 03:43PM

Continued from the previous post, I occasionally wonder what “Sashiko” can offer to you here. What I share is so ordinary to me that it takes some time to realize the significance of it. My last 6 years in Sashiko in English was like that. In 2016, no videos/description about “how to use the thimble & needle” was available online, and I didn’t even think of teaching it because I thought that was something a majority could do – like swimming and riding a bicycle. Don’t get me wrong. Those who do not swim have other abilities than others don’t. I have Sashiko… yet I suck at many other things like Marine Sports (I wish I could do… but paddling board was a nightmare to me…).

[No Right or Wrong] is one thing. A majority of People who encounter Sashiko believe the “rules” someone (often non-Japanese) made. It is funny to say, but you here are kind of a “minority” in Sashiko. In a number of Social Groups online, some ask questions, and others answer it as if they are the experts…. However, I learned how to keep a distance from this hassle. As many advise here, I would like to focus on you here, who are willing to listen. I hope this “minority” becomes the “majority” – then I believe “Japanese Sashiko” will be preserved.

Thinking of what I can offer throughout Sashiko can be a good foundation of books I may write in future. I have received so many stories from elderly Japanese Sashiko Artisans who lived out their lives. I have been sharing many stories, and you may have a specific one you like. It would be a nice time for me to think & stitch in this winter… with appreciating those who support us directly (Patreon/Shopping from us) and indirectly (spreading words). Thanks to them/you, I can enjoy time with my family while stitching & thinking.


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