November 21, 2023 at 10:23AM

Do you have an ideal image that you want to imitate? Do you set clear standards when you make a decision to copy what your “ideal image” would do? Some may list renowned & famous successful people. Others may mention a character in movies (like Dwight from the Office). For me, since I had become “independent”, I have one clear image that I am always chasing. I keep saying it here and there… it is the saying: [I am trying to be someone whom I wanted to meet when I was a child].

I had a pretty rough childhood. I thought that there was no way out when I faced the harsh reality. I wanted to “meet” someone who could “salvage me up”, yet my surroundings were way closed. It looked shiny outside. Inside, not so much. I soaked myself in books to find “someone” instead of looking for someone outside. Naturally, the accumulation of reading “created” the ideal image of whom I wanted to meet in my childhood. Now, I want to be the “someone” to whoever feeling the same way as I did when I needed great help.

This goal hasn’t changed at all, yet my mindset has changed a bit. I thought I had to be “powerful (successful)” to be “the someone” who can help others. In fact, I can be someone’s help by sharing what I have received: Sashiko. Therefore, I am here, wishing that my words, our Sashiko, and how we approach reality via stitching can be someone’s help. Sashiko is merely “stitching”. For a majority, it is no more than a “hobby”. However, I hope they realize that there are “people who spent all of their lives in Sashiko”.



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