November 19, 2023 at 05:16PM

[Sustainability] is one concept that “they” want to see within Sashiko. It is true that [Sustainability] exists in the foundation of Sashiko, and I hope my Stories will enrich the understanding of Sashiko & Sustainability.

An analogy. We all need “Water” to make a living. It isn’t realistic to “create” water from scratch, so we use water from “River” or “Lake” from Nature. Among many ways to approach the Sustainability for this water usage, one important approach is to protect the upstream – where the Water comes from. When the upstream is clogged (lost), we will not see any water in the river or the lake. Some may be living near the upstream. In that case, for “Sustainability”, they are somewhat responsible for taking care of those who live downstream of the river. Discharging the contaminated water to the river would be harmful to others who make a living downstream. Being decent is the key to preserving sustainability in Water Usage.

The same thing goes to Sustainability in Culture. Thanks to the Internet, we can obtain the Cultural Practice/Wisdom/Knowledge/Ideas by one click. However, without proper approach to the culture, we may lose the upstream of the culture – which will, soon or later, cause the drought of cultural contexts. [Respect to where it comes from. Care about where it goes.] I believe this is the fundamental of thinking for Sustainability, and we all can do by just acknowledging & being “Decent”.


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