November 17, 2023 at 07:49AM

“Stitching Speed” isn’t the priority in our Sashiko. In my understanding of our Sashiko, “fast stitching” doesn’t represent the level and value of the Sashiko Artisan. The majority of Sashiko is done by hand-stitching, so I understand that people consider Sashiko as the “Slow-Stitching”. It is slow in comparison to the industrialized sewing machine. However, focusing on “Slowness” will twist the important part of Sashiko – “rhythm”. It isn’t only about Sashiko – but in order to feel the rhythm, “speed” is necessary. In order to learn how to ride a bicycle, a rider needs to pedal so that they can get enough speed to be balanced. It goes to many repetitive movement, and unfortunately, when one is occupied by the mindset of “Slow & Accuracy”, they won’t really experience the “Rhythm and Accuracy”.

Even besides the most important element: “rhythm”, it is good to be able to stitch a bit faster. The faster we can stitch, the more we can stitch. I guess some people will not believe it, if I say that I stitched this much within a few days while doing some house chores (like cooking & dishes). If you have taken my workshop, you will see it can happen. It is just a matter of practice (you see the path to be able to do) – or you may just say “Yeah, we can (as some of you do already…)”.

Please don’t be a part of simplifying the culture by avoiding the challenge. Please learn – and when you learn, please be serious. What it takes is a ¼ to ½ of the monthly rent, and some chunk of hours of commitment. If you are serious, I will be there to support you until you get it.



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