November 15, 2023 at 09:22PM

I once wrote that the selfish reason for me to share the Sashiko we practice is to leave something behind for my daughter. I have goals & dreams in Sashiko – to pass down this culture as a “whole” practice. However, after all, I would like to “leave” something about me behind to the one I love the most.

Interestingly, the “Catalyst” behind all of what I do (opening reason I “restarted” Sashiko) was my mother’s personal favor. She asked me if I could help her to “sell” some of her Sashiko & related supplies so that she can get supplies to continue her Sashiko. Not even to pay for her bills – as she stitches a LOT, her favor to me, the request from mother to son, is how we started. After almost 10 years, I am very thankful to you & those who listen to our stories. We are still in the process of achieving our goals… and we have good reasons why we don’t change ourselves. I see the clear destination I wish to be.

There are so many “Sashiko (Rising) Artisans” I would like to bring up. The Sashiko introduced in English is not wrong – but one simplified aspect of the whole picture of Sashiko. Sashiko is more than what “they” define. Your action will support us to introduce others like I do about my mother, Keiko. She is a great Artist – if Sashiko were to be the Art, she is the Sashiko Artist.


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