November 13, 2023 at 10:24AM

I have been stitching a lot recently. I mean, as a Sashiko Artist, it is natural for me to touch the Needle every day… but recently, I am prioritizing stitching more than “sharing Sashiko Stories”. As my goal is to “Share” the Sashiko we practice, it is kind of strange for me to feel the shift in my choices.

To be honest, I may be turning away from reality. Without the “Real Ordinary”, the Sashiko doesn’t exist – at the same time, Sashiko can be a way to protect oneself like a shell. All I wish (hope) is that this society would be the place for the Artists/Artisans to be able to focus on their “creation” instead of “protecting their own identities”. I guess, after all, I wish I would be able to focus on just stitching instead of sharing stories. However, unfortunately, someone is changing something for their “profit/convenience” without stitching. That is not fair… but there is no choice for me but keep speaking up.

The truth of Sashiko exists in stitching. I hope you follow the so-called “Sashiko Masters” who actually stitch. Please be a smart “follower”, and then please lead others for the reasonable reality.




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