May 31, 2021 at 01:50PM

One Story per day. I apologize I couldn’t accomplish it yesterday. I couldn’t get up from the bed. I haven’t been feeling well last few weeks. A story per day. It is a voice from my heart. I cannot just observe someone overpainting my memories regardless if they are good or bad. Sashiko isn’t anyone’s possession. However, my memories are my own – and everytime I acknowledge ignorance, I stop to fight back in the sorrow. If you have any issues with what I write, read my desperate messages here. Don’t read what you think I would write. I am tired of explaining myself.

Some say, “Hey, if you are in that much pain, you should stop it (sharing, teaching Sashiko, or business itself)”. I know they mean well, but that is the last knife to end me. Do I have a choice to give up sharing? Privileged people do whatever they want no matter what… so I should just observe them overrunning my culture – and my own memories?

If you are not willing to learn what Sashiko is to us, stop teaching & calling it Sashiko. (Before you react, read my insight in Cultural Appropriation with Sashiko). I have been screaming for 2 years. I will continue if I cough up the blood. My messages are my life. Do not degrade someone’s life by saying, “It is your choice”. Sashiko isn’t a choice for me. It is my life.



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