June 01, 2021 at 03:40PM

I would like to consider myself a story-teller rather than an activist for Sashiko. I thought, as a story-teller, my mission is to share a series of “new” stories. Therefore, I try to write something new in every post. However, I may have to change my view. If I am asking for a change to those with (intentional) ignorance, then what I do is more like an activist. It’s the matter of definition, but I learned the importance of sharing the “Same” stories over and over again.

I do not still consider myself an activist yet. I am NOT here to change anyone’s view. I just want to “leave” my voice so that someone (like you) will understand what `”Sashiko”would be ” when our Sashiko is wiped away by populism & commercialism. I summarized important information into videos. Please check them on our Youtube. There are NO rules in Sashiko – just respect to an origin (No rules doesn’t mean whatever is good).




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