June 02, 2021 at 05:05PM

Do you know a Japanese culture(practice) called “Kintsugi”? It is a practice to repair(mend) broken pottery pieces with lacquer. It is introduced as a metaphoric symbol of embracing imperfection. Sashiko/Boro are in the same category. However, I haven’t seen an artist who breaks a pottery piece with a hammer, and repairs it then calls it “Art”, yet I can see numbers of photos damaging the good new fabric with files/sand-paper, then mending it for their “Art”. What is the difference? Do people break pottery piece on purpose to mend with Kintsugi in Western society (It may be just me who do not know). 

Extracting an idea from foreign language is very attractive. There are so many Japanese words which are “condensed” with filtering. “Wabi-Sabi”, “Mottainai”, “Ikigai”, they are probably more than what you know – so is Sashiko.



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