June 03, 2021 at 03:56PM

Thank you for all the comments about “Kintsugi”. I now learn that some people practice “Kintsugi” by breaking the pottery pieces on-purpose. 

I am not criticizing those who break pieces on purpose at all. Crashing ceramics for creating something new can be a beautiful way to express one’s artistry. Although I do not prefer distressed denim, there is nothing wrong with damaging the fabric on purpose. It is fashion. It is their way to enjoy(enrich) life. I do respect their choices and creations.

The pain (C/A) occurs when they mix their choice with foreign words(culture) with (intentional) ignorance. Breaking/damaging items for the purpose of practicing the culture (Kintsugi or Sashiko) is also fine. Teaching(profiting from) others the culture as if they know the whole picture while ignoring their lack of understanding is the problem. “Cherry Picking” is a very serious cultural concern. This isn’t even picking a good part of the culture – it is just repainting the culture to the color they like (or probably this is the cherry picking in the cultural discussion?)



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