June 04, 2021 at 02:58PM

I guess the biggest misunderstanding in Sashiko is that people think Sashiko is a mending technique. Although “mending” is a very important part of Sashiko practice, the mending itself is NOT a principle. “Making Fabric Stronger/Warmer (in harsh conditions with limited resources)” is the principle of Sashiko – therefore, Sashiko thread matters – therefore, we use geometric patterns – therefore, we take “process” seriously. Sashiko was(is) a piece of wisdom (practice in the ordinary) to make fabric last long from the ordinary wear and tear. Therefore, although mending is a part of Sashiko, damaging fabric for mending purposes is completely opposite of Sashiko’s philosophy. One is trying to prolong the fabric life. One is intentionally damaging the fabric. I hope you see how “twisted/filtered” the culture is introduced. If one claims they know about Japanese culture, then they should speak up (not knowing is okay, but some intentionally do not for their convenience). – *before reacting, read the previous posts – I am not criticizing the value of “distressed fabric”. 



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