May 29, 2022 at 08:02AM

As I share my Sashiko practice on Live (No editing to hide or exaggerate), I often receive some compliment on the speed of stitching on top of its evenness. Speed isn’t the priority as one’s stitching speed will increase when they learn the Kata – Form. I barely try to speed-up in regular stitching (exceptions are when I am doing experiments such as speed-run). No matter how fast it looks like I am stitching, it is all hand-stitching after all. Speed is important, but not the most important element in Sashiko. Then, is the Accuracy of Stitching the most important? No, it isn’t. The most important thing in Sashiko (or stitching) is how we “understand” the moment of stitching – Appreciation? Enjoyment? Relaxation, or even complaints? or remorse? Since stitching will require us to spend A LOT of time, I want to share the importance of taking time to be “yourself”. Don’t rush to be Happy. An instant answer provided by someone will be just an instant gratification. I want “You” to find the answer for yourself, one step at a moment.

No matter how strong my passions are for the “Sashiko Art”, stitching takes time. I can stitch for 24 hours non-stop, but the result isn’t so significant. Therefore, I teach the core of Sashiko – which is the Form of Unshin that we can focus on ourselves, not stitching results. The “(Possibly To-be) Sashiko Art” also requires a long time to complete. To be honest, I don’t know if it will be “completed”. I just will enjoy the process of being there – with new findings of both struggle and appreciation. Sashiko “became” a Hobby, and nothing wrong with that. However, there were people & stories before Sashiko as Hobby. I am sharing the stories & stitching of Sashiko that has not been introduced in English yet.


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