May 30, 2022 at 10:43PM

The biggest reason I keep sharing Sashiko Stories including visuals (photos/videos) is to pass down the Sashiko we practice to the next generation. This “Next Generation” isn’t really the younger generation – anyone who wishes to learn Sashiko more is the “generation” I am imagining. More selfishly & specifically speaking, it is my daughter who may (will) probably suffer in her identity – finding what her father lived for. It took 35 years for me to realize the significance of the Sashiko. I don’t know when she would be interested in that, maybe a lot later than me because of the different environment (I do not force her to stitch), and it may not happen at all. It is okay either way. I just would like to leave as many stories as possible.

In 2014, we “restarted” our Sashiko to mainly pay my mother’s bill. In 2017, we started teaching Sashiko simply because we are “asked” to do so. In 2019, I received unbearable suffering, and started learning the Pain from Emotional Labor. These years outside of Japan based on 30 years of my life in Japan helped me to realize the significance of Sashiko, more. Yes, Sashiko is beautiful. Yes, Sashiko can be meditative. Therefore, I show photos of our work. Therefore, I share time on Live Streaming. I just think, Sashiko may have sort of a “hint” to help “us” with Japanese cultural essence which has not been introduced fully.

We can find many Japanese words with “marketed” meaning – WabiSabi, Zen, Mottainai, Ikigai… those words cannot be defined (or described) in one paragraph. So is Sashiko. The reason for this account is “Story”. Please keep sharing the stories we share. We keep speaking up, stitching & making “Sashiko”.


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