May 27, 2022 at 03:01PM

Which Sashiko thread is good? What type of thread should I use Sashiko? Even before that, what is the difference between Sashiko thread and others?

I receive many questions about Sashiko thread (and the thread we use for Sashiko). The answer is quite simple: Try to find the “stories” why Sashiko Thread is called “Sashiko” thread. The Sashiko thread we use has a series of stories, and therefore I keep saying “Thread Matters”. An appropriate Sashiko thread will give you the great result (You can purchase our Sashiko thread from @UpcycleStitches, shipped within/from the US).

“You can use whatever thread you want. Just find a similar thickness” is unfortunately a sign of ignorance – or “giving up on learning”. It is true that anyone can use any kinds of thread for stitching, but once they listen to the stories, “whatever thread is fine” became superficial. It is true that the Japanese people few hundreds years ago didn’t have the Sashiko thread we use today. However, it is also true that many Japanese Sashiko artisans have spent their life to develop the “Sashiko Thread” – it isn’t the marketing words, it is “Thread for the Sashiko we practice”. I plan to make more videos, but there are a few on Youtube already. Please learn before “whatever is fine”. *Because of big trend in Sashiko, many manufactures started producing “Sashiko” Thread. I am not qualified to talk about their Sashiko thread, but try to find their stories. Unfortunately, “being Japanese” itself doesn’t secure the credibility (which you can easily imagine in this world). Again, “Thread Matters” in Sashiko – and there are many stories for why.


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