May 26, 2022 at 10:13AM

While reading news & movement, I wonder what “Sustainability” really is. It is an extremely important concept – how to keep our lives sustainable. Taking one step further to care for the environment is indeed necessary. At the same time, we have to remember, “Sustainable” is NOT a magic word to paint over all the possible concerns. “Sustainability” is a great word to encourage us to care more, but the word “Sustainability” shouldn’t be an excuse to stop “thinking”. Furthermore, it is important to consider “who” is behind sustainability. If the Sustainability exists over someone’s (here in a specific group, cultural, racial, social-status, and so on) pain, then pushing the Sustainability can be a form of violence. In Sashiko, “Sustainability” was an outcome, not intention. Sashiko is indeed a form of stitching for sustainability, but “whatever recycled with stitching is Sashiko” is destroying the cultural perspective of Sashiko – which isn’t sustainable as Culture.

This materialistic & cultural sustainability is not a “multiple choice question”. Both can happen simultaneously. In fact, many movements behind the word Sustainability can happen & care for each other simultaneously when we take one step “paused” and see through the people & convenience (profit) behind it. The key word to make it happen simultaneously is “Acknowledgement”. It is my approach to Cultural Appropriation, as well. For more stories about this topic, please check my Youtube Channel. There are a few videos about this topic.


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