May 27, 2021 at 04:29PM

I had several great feedback on my latest article on Patreon. Another analogy of my fear in “filtering” what Sashiko is – Sashiko & English as a language (it ends up with a long article…)

[He do not have many furnitures.] Don’t you feel strange? It should be [He does not have a lot of furniture.] in “standard” English. The fear I have in Sashiko is similar to having an English teacher who thinks the first sentence is “correct (a whole picture of)” English. The first sentence may be okay when the teacher uses the sentence on purpose. However, wouldn’t it be a problem (culturally filtering) if the teacher is teaching the (1) is the English, and no one around point it out? 

Language (culture) changes. I agree. I often write, [They does], when I would respect the diversity. It is a change with acknowledgement. However, don’t you feel fear when your language is filtered by someone outside of your culture with ignorance? Without even knowing the standard? This filtering probably happened in the history of “Colonization” but we don’t live in that age now – or do we face colonization when it comes to cultural matters because of the Internet? Again, the change is fine. I am saying the change shouldn’t be made by ignorance.


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