May 28, 2021 at 11:27AM

【Announcement for the Online Sashiko Class】

I have made this announcement several times in my other accounts (@upcyclestitches) & website ( Just in case, right before June 1st, here is the announcement for the Online Sashiko Class.

Due to the steep increase in Shipping Cost from Japan to the U.S. as well as some inflation, I increased the Online Sashiko Class to $330.00. I set the month of May as the adjusting period, and one may register their workshop with the previous price of $300.00 with agreeing that they will start the workshop sometime in June or later. Also, the waiting list to receive this pricing is available until 5/31. 

The goal of this Online Sashiko Class is to encourage & enable you to be able to stitch as we do. Therefore, it comes with a Live Session for me to check their learning & adjust my teaching to each individual. I set the maximum number of the students per specific period, and I believe the learning can be their life-long benefit. Once they learn it, they can use it for their life-time for their Sashiko. Since I do not plan to go back to an in-person workshop to NYC anytime soon (I may offer something in PA), please consider this Online Sashiko Class to enrich your Sashiko experience. If your goal is to have even stitches with stitching in good speed, this is a great opportunity for you (check our Youtube how we stitch). The link is available from “Story” today.


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