May 26, 2021 at 10:34AM

I have never had any education in Art. If they call me an artist, what I do is Outside Art. My understanding of Art is extremely limited (I am learning little by little). Being said, does Art justify a creation over someone’s pain? A cultural pain has to be suppressed by ignorance if one shouts, “It is Art ”? 

“Inspired” is a very scary word. It can be respectful. Also, it can be a ticket to destroy the culture. A video of “artist using a rotary sander for their “Sashiko/Boro” work keeps bothering me. One may say, “the art inspired by Boro (how it looks like)”. How about the culture & stories behind how it looks? What if the newbie thinks it is Boro to “damage” the fabric on purpose? People made Boro because they didn’t have a choice but to have damaged fabric. Damaging fabric on purpose for the “looks” is completely opposite of Boro.

I am NOT saying “distressed fabric” is all wrong. It can be a part of Fashion & Art. I respect the challenge & their preference. However, then, why do they call it Sashiko/Boro? What are they inspired by? Are they so shallow & ignorant to use foreign words to get attention & more customers? If so, then it is degrading. We believed a spirit in fabric – and therefore we could make Boro. 

If you read this, and worried if you are a part of this, you are NOT. Don’t worry. The people I fear like above intentionally ignore my voice. Please, please help me to spread the voice. If a customer stops supporting these ignorance, they will move onto something different to make money. Sashiko/Boro isn’t a marketing term for non-Japanese.


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