May 25, 2021 at 11:32AM

When you are willing to pour more tea, first empty your cup. This is a very famous Zen-teaching. What I share may sound philosophical, but in reality, they are very practical. If you want to make the even stitches, do not try to stitch. Filling the “answers” requires a lot of concentration, and we can only keep concentrated for a limited time. Therefore, try not to concentrate.

In a process of translation in Sashiko, the “result” or “appearance” or “technique” of Sashiko were somewhat introduced in other languages. Unfortunately, not many people translated the core & essence of Sashiko. Therefore, I say, the Sashiko in English today isn’t wrong, but insufficient. Something very important is missing.

Our society today focuses on “results”. What we made is much more important than why we made it. Therefore, many ask for How we make them. Why do you “choose” to hand-stitch in today’s society where you can use sewing-machine? And Why do you call it “Sashiko”? (Please read/watch my view of Cultural Appropriation before you react.)


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