May 24, 2021 at 12:49PM

I am NOT sharing Sashiko Stories to change someone’s view. Sharing stories is the method of sharing a different perspective to the majority group. After all, the goal of sharing the Sashiko stories is to pass down the Sashiko with as few “cultural changes” as possible. 

We live in a society ruled by the Law. I am grateful to embrace our life under the law instead of being dominated by dictators. However, we are human with ethics & emotions outside of the law & logic. Sashiko is one of those – in order to fully understand what Sashiko is, continuous learning in Japanese ethics, courtesy, philosophy, and how the “legal system” was developed in Japan would be very important. It is almost impossible to learn them without mastering the Japanese language. Therefore, I am sharing as many stories as possible. I am not here to change how they look at Sashiko. I am here to share that the Sashiko they think they know are probably insufficient. Sashiko is easy, but not shallow – years of layers of their (our) days.



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