May 26, 2023 at 12:22PM

Npr, Life Kit Podcast, [Extended the life of your clothes with visible mending] is released on 5/25. A short interview of my idea toward mending is included. You may wonder, “Visible Mending” isn’t really Sashiko if I understand Atsushi’s story correctly. Yes, Sashiko isn’t the word for Visible Mending – and therefore, the producer of this podcast carefully asked me if her understanding of Sashiko in Visible Mending is appropriate.

For a few minutes of the interview, we spent hours of time delivering the message. It is the work done by the professional. She worried if her “Story” wasn’t filtering any of my messages. I appreciate her caring a lot, but I have no worries about her work: because what I ask is the “acknowledgement” of the Japanese artisans’ voice behind the trend, and her spending so much energy on my voice is already a sign of acknowledgement. The interpretation with acknowledgement will not harm anyone.

We now celebrate the “Visible Mending” mostly as a “Choice”. The origin of Sashiko is, however, the stitching to “Avoid Mending” out of “No Choice”. Mending is an important part of Sashiko, but embracing whatever visible mending (or even to damage the fabric to apply visible mending) calling it Sashiko (or Boro) is ignoring the origin. You don’t find a lot of mending work in my Account. Instead, you see a lot of stitching on the Denim. I enjoy Sashiko as a Choice, and I would like to respect those who were part of this Sashiko Culture by imagining what they would have chosen.


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