May 28, 2023 at 04:58AM

Occasionally, I come across the discussion on SNS about “Stitching on Back/Wrong side”. As you may know, in most Sashiko projects, we stitch while looking at the backside of the fabric. We look at the front (showing) side only for the checking purpose. One said, [The original way of Sashiko is stitching on the showing side]. Umm. Although we have to define what “original” is, in this Q&A, our Sashiko is completely excluded from the “Origin” of Sashiko, regardless of our 100+ years of history & so many Sashiko artisans who stitched on the back side of the fabric.

I can stitch on the front side. So, I don’t mind which side they are stitching on. What matters is if they enjoy Sashiko or not. One can stitch from the back or front, whichever they feel comfortable. When one offers the answer, however, they have to be aware of their responsibility to change “something” – this is an example of “Filtering” in Culture I sometimes mention here. There are reasons (stories) for stitching on the back side. We have “technique (wisdom)” developed based on the stories. Without us speaking up in English, the whole story & wisdom will be excluded in “their Original Sashiko”. I keep sharing stories to make sure I do not leave any experienced Sashiko artisans behind.




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