May 24, 2023 at 08:58PM

The “Story” I often mention here can be rephrased as “Context” (not exactly the same, but both Story & Context are important to keep our Sashiko Sustainable). In a digital world where “0” and “1” can be the whole, we sometimes “lose” the context – or in different ways to phrase… context is no longer there in our communication? Anyhow, in order to understand the Japanese Culture & its practice, it is essential to read “between lines” – it is expected to understand what is “not” written/spoken/told. The Sashiko I grew up with is of course part of it.

You may have heard of the 2 different cultures: “Ask” and ”Guess”. When you look for the articles online, I believe you can find the one you like about “Ask” culture and “Guess” culture. Needless to say, Sashiko is fully soaked into the “Guess” Culture – at least the Sashiko I grew up with didn’t have even 1 percent of “Ask” Culture.

It isn’t a discussion of which is better, or “right”. It is the matter of “acknowledgement”. Unfortunately, there is no way to understand Sashiko fully without compromising the “Ask” Culture. In the process of trying “Guess” Culture, then “it” will start revealing it. In my writing, I intend to make you “think” – or encourage you to read between lines – “guess”. Some say I am mean because I do not offer “the answer”… No, me answering will not bring them the “answer” for what they are asking. It is quite difficult, yet it is something I need to challenge to sustain the culture & Sashiko we practice.

妻と話をしていて、「Ask & Guess」という二つの文化の違いについて本を読むように勧められたので、ちょこっとだけ目を通すようにしています。日本語だと「言ってみる人と空気を読む人」と訳す人もいて、なるほどなぁと。今週の配信はこの話をしてみようかなと思っています。言うまでもなく、刺し子は「Guess」の文化で育まれ、私は「Ask」の文化で刺し子を教えています。そりゃ大変なわけですよ。

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