May 23, 2023 at 08:16PM

The release of the Course [Introduction to Japanese Sashiko] was a bit of (actually a quite) surprise. A good surprise, but I was told that the release date would be this winter. Right after I came back from Japan, I started preparing for the release. Finally, I have a moment to think back about the Japan Trip, the first time in 10 years. A lot of things are behind schedule… I am working hard to catch up (Sorry if I were making you wait!).

When I describe Sashiko, I often say Sashiko is a never ending story. For us, stitching is “adding” stories, big or small, positive or negative, we all have stories day by day. Therefore, I say there is no such a thing as “Right or Wrong” in Sashiko – only preference. Since it is “your” story, I do not want you to follow someone’s rule – especially if that “someone” is just using the word without proper understanding of what it is.

To be honest, I didn’t (still don’t) understand how I offer the Online Course on Domestika, where many artists share their aesthetics. I was (still am) nervous if my stories meet the expectation because I do not consider myself as an “Artist”. I am just sharing stories I “had to” listen to, yet these stories are probably something we need now as we may have chosen to focus on something else over our own stories. I hope the Sashiko Story I share encourages you/them to learn more about yourself (their stories) while learning Japanese stitching. We are all on the line of stories, and when we connect each story, it will be another line to the future, as you can see in Sashiko.



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