May 22, 2023 at 10:43AM

You may remember the statement I made when I realized the strong trend of Sashiko a few years ago. I wrote: “I hope I can be a small stone in this Sashiko trend to create a small whirlpool”. The same statement is with me. Now, it has become my “mission” rather than a “hope”.

My goal in Sashiko – in this account – is to “pass down” the Sashiko we practice. Initial goal was to leave as many stories, photos and videos as possible so that someone in the future can reach the voices about Sashiko from Japanese. Then, my goal developed to “include” more people who do not have a voice in English to speak up.

The trend is a “flow”. Once the direction is “determined”, it is very challenging to go against, or even stand still. If my goal is to be “famous”, or get instant/momentary cash, it is best to follow the trend. However, as the flow is too strong, this trend is leaving someone very important behind – in this case, the Japanese who actually practice Sashiko for many decades. “Sashiko” became the culture without the Japanese who actually had spent their life with. Is it intentional? Or unfortunate results? I don’t know. If it happened by unfortunate misunderstanding, I am here to share & welcome to sashiko. If it is intentionally done by someone to take profit out of the word “Sashiko”, then I need your help to be a stable stone.

I NEVER say “Only Japanese can/should practice Sashiko”. All I am saying is don’t leave them behind. Everything has “upstream”. Don’t ignore it. Please acknowledge where “it” comes from. Otherwise, when the upstream is lost, we will have no “flow” we can all benefit from.


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