May 21, 2021 at 01:28PM

What I say may be painful to some of you. I do not change what I say based on who I am talking to. I do not sweet-talk for profit or other convenience. No matter how many people find what I say “annoying”, I will keep writing, sharing, and speaking up – or even fighting against ignorance. If you aren’t Japanese (don’t use the Japanese in ordinary), Sashiko isn’t your culture. It is perfectly fine to enjoy Sashiko regardless of who you are. I welcome everyone to enjoy Sashiko together. However, please know that their “innocent happiness” or “artistic taste” may be hurting someone severely. My “annoying” message comes from my real pain. I am tired of being suppressed by superficial joy or “freedom over someone’s sacrifice”, created by people who constantly ask for validation.

Some may say I am arrogant. Well, no, I am just being honest. If you consider “honest” as “arrogant”, then you are probably in a privileged group or never experienced to be in the “suppressed side”. Minority speaking up honestly is considered arrogant or aggressive – that may be the foundation of Cultural Appropriation and Filtering. Sashiko isn’t just trend or marketing phrase for what they do.



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