May 20, 2021 at 03:39PM

In some fields, the “age” limits one’s possibility. For example, no matter how hard I wish, I won’t be a professional soccer player at my age. In another field, anyone “can” be a professional regardless of the age, but it requires an unbelievable amount of time to practice – like a pianist. Just watching the pianist playing the piano on Youtube won’t make one a pianist. In other fields, one may not need that much time to be professional, like Sashiko. A few years with good guidance can make one “professional” level. I have seen them to be as good as the professionals. Crafting (on the table with hands moving) can be “taught” pretty easily in comparison to other fields. One doesn’t need that much time to be good at (in comparison). However, it doesn’t mean that the culture is shallow. There is a place where only those who spend so much time can reach – it is just a place where we cannot explain with words. Therefore, it is very important to ask the practitioners to know who they are learning from. Does your teacher know the “place”? Or at least, does the teacher know the people who have reached the place? Sashiko is easy. Anyone can enjoy it. By just copying what to do, anyone can make a similar thing – and I recommend copying it by watching our Youtube. However, please know there are more than that before teaching. Otherwise, the culture will be oversimplified by someone outside of the culture. It is so sad and I need to speak up to prevent it.


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