May 22, 2021 at 12:55PM

This is the same Jacket in yesterday’s post. A bit different angle. Have you realized that this jacket has no “knots”? It is a single layered Jacket. What’s in the photo is mostly the “inside (hiding side)” of the Jacket. In Sashiko, the Japanese didn’t have the luxury to cover the “wrong side” with lining fabric. However, they wanted both sides to be as “clean” as possible, at least on the garment. This Jacket is made in 2021, appreciating the technique & wisdom we have received – with the same idea. No knots & making both sides of fabric as neat as possible.

There is nothing wrong if you decide to make knots in Sashiko. However, asserting that “the (whole) Sashiko uses knots to hold the stitches” is insufficient. I often read/hear, “It is Art, so we should celebrate the beauty before how it’s supposed to be” . Well… it is a true statement, but it can be only valid when this person “can do” all the techniques & and then understand the culture behind it. Otherwise, it is a form of “Innocent Happiness”. Another example of excusing themselves from learning with favoring the “Artist Taste”. They are washing off the Japaneseness from the word Sashiko/Boro… and I should be quiet? No, it is time to speak up. It may be too late, but I need to speak up so that they may “reconsider” what they are doing.


自由は大切です。ただ、自由には責任が伴います。「刺し子は◯◯だ」と断言することは、他を排除することになります。だから日本人はその表現をしてこなかった。日本文化の本質は「We (私達)」です。英語圏は「I(私)」。昔の日本人は常に自分の立ち位置をわきまえていました。現代ではそれが弊害にはなってしまっているのだろうけれど、刺し子のように「選択されて残る文化」は、その日本らしさも一緒に残すべきなんだろうと思っています。

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