May 18, 2021 at 01:17PM

In 2017, when I first received an offer to teach Sashiko, I wasn’t sure what to teach. I thought all of what I could do was “normal” for many people. After teaching Sashiko for 4 years, I realize I have received a pile of treasure – a lot to share. More than the amount that I could keep sharing for 3 days, yet the students were a bit overwhelmed by the amount.

For me 30+ years of listening to the stories, stitching (reluctantly), and watching top artisans. For Keiko, 40 years of enjoying Sashiko. I “can” offer “quick techniques”, but when one asks for “quickness”, they won’t get the core of what we do. What we do (Sashiko) cannot be summarized into a class or a book. If you do not understand Japanese as Language, please be careful when you assert a phrase in Sashiko / Boro. Sashiko may not be “Little Stabs”. Therefore, I keep sharing the stories. Boro isn’t only about visible mending, and Sashiko is more than just stitching. Anyone can enjoy Sashiko – but when it comes to “teaching”, understanding the Japanese culture becomes very fundamental to avoid unnecessary twists & filtering in culture. I do not want anyone to destroy the culture we cherish.


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