May 17, 2021 at 01:06PM

Believe it or not, I had been trying to be someone else. For example, I once tried to be an “IT programmer” for the job-security. I have a few friends who are very successful in the IT field. They advised me: “Do you like it? You may be competing with those who enjoy programming more than anything”. Well, I like working on a PC, but not programming itself. The one who keeps practicing what they like will reach to somewhere.

If I do not have to worry about anything myself, I can stitch 24/7. Many may find it so boring to just stitch for 24 hours, but I enjoy it. Since I said it outloud, I did 24-hours live streaming to prove that one can stitch for 24 hours without any pain when they have proper position. I have probably done more than 1 million stitches. Some of our artisans may reach 100 million stitches. At this point, numbers aren’t so important. However, numbers only bring one to the state of understanding then. I am not saying one has to be the master to enjoy Sashiko. I am saying “quick answer” will not bring them the essence much, especially in hand-crafting. I want you to taste the homemade pizza on your tongue, instead of watching it on TV and feeling you have tasted it. 



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