May 16, 2021 at 04:38PM

I try to be as “difficult” as possible on social media to share the boundaries. I enjoy “Casual Friendliness”, but a DM saying “Hey, I like your work. Tell me how I can do it” is outside of my comfortable boundaries. However, in-person, it is not my intention to be difficult. As a base-line,  I would like to know who I am talking to. (Since I have a very specific preference, some may find me difficult… but that’s another story).

I started an Online Sashiko Class for those who couldn’t meet me in person. In Covid-19, I invested a lot to make it better & easier to learn. I offer online classes because it is challenging to meet them in person. On this visit to FL, one of my Online Sashiko Class students made a visit to me, and we could finally meet in person. It was delightful. She knows me well through what I have shared. I know her well through her Sashiko. I didn’t feel it was the first time to meet at all. This is one of my goals – “pass down the Sashiko”. It doesn’t have to be my family to pass down. It is my friends who understand my messages – that Sashiko is more than a trend & stitching. It is just a delightful pleasure to meet new friends.



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