May 15, 2021 at 04:22PM

The feedback, “It is fortunate to take your class”, is the best reward I can get in the workshop. I teach stitching, but I ask not to stitch. I teach how to speed up their stitching, but I ask them to slow down. One result of Sashiko is being mindful, but I ask “not” to be mindful (I am neither asking them to be uncareful). It may sound like a Zen Dialogue, but it is in fact very practical teaching. Once we practice it, this nonsense dialogue starts having the meaning. I find it interesting & it is an honor to be able to share that.

The first day, the first hour, when they see my demonstration, the reaction is “What the…” and I see their worrisome & confused faces. The 3rd day, I could see their faces with, “yes, I can do it now”. In the Online Class I offer, the moment happens in Live Session (where I meet). The Sashiko I share may be a bit different from others. However, since it is all comprehensive in my life, all of the steps have “meaning” and “stories”. If you want to have even stitches, try not to make even stitches. Please learn from us if you would like to know what it means & how you get there. I really appreciate the new Sashik friends who came over to FL to learn from me. See you soon!


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