May 19, 2021 at 11:56AM

The more I share about the Sashiko Story, the more I realize I have a lot more to offer. 20 hours of talking about Sashiko while stitching in FL. I worried if I would run out of topics to talk about. In reality, I feel I could have shared more (which I am glad I didn’t because I would have overwhelmed the participants). So, in order to share the whole picture, not only the essence but also the stories around, I would need more than 3 days. Or I would need to ask them to keep reading what I have been sharing here and there.

In 2022, for the first time, I will join a tour to Japan focusing on Sashiko & Boro. My role is to share the Sashiko we have been practicing & apply it to Boro and other Sashiko. In this time, I will have 7~10 days to share what Sashiko is for us. In numbers of meals, after meals, in transit, before going to bed-room, in the official workshops, I will be there sharing stories & answering to your questions with almost no limitation. The Tour is planned from May 8th to 19th in 2022 (Price: $5,999 per person, single occupancy). If you are interested, please DM so that I can navigate you to register for your seat. I am so excited to this journey to share the Sashiko we practice in Sashiko where I have received it. 



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