May 15, 2023 at 06:12AM

I’m thrilled to announce my new course online, “Introduction to Japanese Sashiko Stitching”. It has been an exciting & challenging project. As you may know, I have an Online Class already. I believe that the existing Class covers the most important element in Sashiko. After offering it for a while, I am now confident that I can pass down the Sashiko we practice online regardless of who is learning. In teaching, I take very careful steps to share the [Core & Essence] of Sashiko to avoid cultural filtering, twisting, and misunderstanding. To be honest, I kept rejecting the offer until 2022. Then, one person convinced me after she spent a great amount of time understanding what I am trying to do (I will share this story later). This New Course is a summary of what I have been sharing for the last 6 years on SNS – and a great introduction to see what I am trying to do. This doesn’t go into the [Core & Essence], but introduces the whole picture of “my” Sashiko. I hope this course will be an initial bridge to connect “appropriation” to “appreciation”.

It is fantastic to see the Sashiko I share professionally filmed/edited. Please Join me on an enchanting journey into the world of Sashiko, a beautiful stitchery with both rich technical & cultural stories. From learning the essential stitches to creating intricate patterns, we’ll explore the beauty and mindfulness of Sashiko. All skill levels are welcome. This is my 1st reply to many requests for “publishing a book”, or recommendation for where to start. Please learn Sashiko from someone who is serious about it – and this is what I committed to offer.

Enroll today and let’s enjoy Sashiko together. I will be there to share my feedback, too. Please Click the link in my bio to join – as enrolling via a special link will support the artisan (including myself) greatly!! Please share this news to friends/family who would love to learn sashiko. I appreciate your interest & support!!

Photo: ©Domestika.


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