May 14, 2023 at 10:00AM

Big news is on the horizon! Since 2022, I’ve been working on something challenging & special, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you here. Stay tuned for the reveal soon, and I hope you have fun with us!!

I have been sharing “Sashiko Stores” as a Japanese Sashiko Artisan. As you may know already, I have many kinds of “Personal Code” to respect & appreciate the Sashiko we have been practicing. Someone may find this code as my “strength” in an important process of passing down the culture & its story. Another group may consider the code as a list of my shenanigans… and the other group of people find the code annoying. In this society where we can get any type of information by simply typing the question in the “Box”, I learned that we tend to listen to the thing we only want to listen to. I do the same, too. Therefore, I say I do not think “Any Publicity is Good Publicity”.

However, that being said, I understand the importance of “publicity”. I have to be careful, but it is necessary, at some point, to work with others who may have different “Code” (even some of them do not wish to spend so much time learning what Sashiko is). Again, that being said, I am ready to challenge for “publicity” a bit more. I hope the story above will give you some hints on what we are about to reveal. Drop your guesses in the comments below! (I may not reply to the comments, but I read all of them! I thank you for your attention).


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