May 11, 2024 at 10:41AM

Completion of 15 Colors of 4 Lines, with Unshin & Sashiko. About 40~50 hours of heavenly (unfocused) stitching would (hopefully) manifest the care for someone/something. Sashiko today introduced in English focus on the “Outcome & How it looks” – and some even put the Sashiko Stitched Fabric into an art frame. There is nothing wrong with framing Sashiko pieces, but I hope they acknowledge the other side of Sashiko & its culture.

I will use this Furoshiki continuously and repeatedly. By Using, by washing, by snuggling, thanks to the threads we use, the stitches will be more “familiar” with the fabric. Some Sashiko Art pieces are carefully preserved behind the glass. Here, as I can replicate it in 2 weeks, this is the Usable (Art) Piece to represent what Sashiko can be. Sashiko isn’t in the past yet. Throughout my Sashiko Class, I met so many who can do the same as I do here. Sashiko is an on-going practice with respect to the past – and I hope we can choose the future of Sashiko mindfully.

Once they find their own rhythm in Unshin, this piece would be a piece of cake. In fact, many would feel “sad” when they complete it as it means that they would need to find other pieces of Fabric. Once they stitch this much, they wouldn’t care for the “right size“ of Sashiko stitches… Rice grain Size is the best for Sashiko? Come on. Give me a Break.





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