May 08, 2024 at 07:10PM

Sashiko has been changing its form within & across the language. Some may celebrate the change by calling it “Evolution”, and others may share their concern as “Appropriation”. My perspective, where I stand, is based on whom I am talking to. If you worry about Appropriation, I ask you to celebrate your Creative Evolution with Sashiko. If they only celebrate Evolution, then I may ask for more acknowledgement.

This Sashiko may be considered as Art from a general perspective. It may be, and it can be. However, if I were to have an opportunity to join the exhibit, this piece cannot be behind the display glass. The Core of our Sashiko exists in… ordinary, and I use this, snuggle it, maybe sleep on it with mouth open (with drool…)

Your perspective is very important to preserve what Sashiko was, is, and will be, as you have the power to tell others. On SNS, many are sharing their “answers” to Sashiko as if they know everything. Well. I keep sharing my stories so that I can stop the trend of “Whatever is Fine as Sashiko is just a word for Creation”. Sashiko is more than just making “perfect stitches” or “embracing the Imperfection”.




#Sashiko #刺し子


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