May 14, 2024 at 03:22PM

I am glad that the previous post resonated with you. I occasionally get asked how “AI (Artificial Intelligent)” affects Sashiko… or how I would feel toward a “Sashiko Machine”. AI & Sashiko Machines are NOT something I would be threatened with being replaced. Sashiko can co-exist with both AI & machine easily as what I enjoy the most is the “process” of hand-stitching. For the same reason, it is my intention to be friends with all of the Sashiko practitioners regardless of the difference. I don’t consider them as enemies or someone troublesome. Then, why do I speak up so much for the issues about Sashiko introduced in English? It is because some mislead what I love about Sashiko to something completely different. They confuse “Vehicle” and “Goal” so badly to “repaint” what Sashiko really is for us.

I speak up because I still have hopes (although I say it is too late to speak up). “Sadness (Sense of Loss) at Completion” would connect crafters all over the world. How it looks… the outcome & goal as Art is important. However, that’s not the only reason we stitch for. Therefore, I try to keep sharing the enjoyment of Unshin/Rhythm instead of following the rules (or the stitch-sized dot pre-printed fabric).

It is my identity that I am trying to stand for. “Whatever” is only acceptable when they share the same level of commitment. Otherwise, “whatever” is NOT a word for being creative – it is just an excuse to be lazy or superficial.



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