May 07, 2023 at 12:09PM

I have been very busy catching up with the regular work that I had skipped while I was in Japan. The more I work, the stronger I realize… not only do I like Sashiko, but I also “enjoy” Sashiko. Before 2011, Sashiko was “business” to me: “business” like a vehicle to get enough money to sustain the family business. After I lost everything once in 2013, Keiko and I restarted the “Sashiko” – and it was just “Sashiko” as practice. No purpose attached to the stitching itself. We stitched because we enjoyed it.

Keiko is still that way. I work hard so that she can stay that way. Someone gotta do the “work” to keep it sustainable, especially in the market where people stitch for other purposes. I have seen & met many Sashiko artisans, who are struggling to make ends meet, yet so great in their stitching. They are “the” artisans, without the vehicle to make it sustainable. Their Sashiko is genuine. Here, no words are necessary. Once we see it, we understand it. Keiko’s Sashiko is so powerful and attractive because of this – that she enjoys stitching itself.

I sometimes wish to be like them – nameless artisans who focus on stitching. Then, I realize the possibility of losing the actual stories about Sashiko. As much as I enjoy stitching, I cannot be just stitching… until the day I find someone to replace me, or until the world acknowledges the stories & support the artisans. I am here to “balance” it – so I will lose the voice when I stop stitching. I will keep stitching & sharing stories… otherwise, the culture may be completely lost at some point.

*For those waiting for the update, I am working on it! I appreciate your patience.



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