May 09, 2023 at 08:49AM

As I mentioned in the previous Live Streaming, I plan to change my style of sharing a bit. In Japan, I realized there are so many more Sashiko Stories that I would like to share. One big difference is “involving” others. For that, I feel a sense of “responsibility”. [Sashiko Story] may be more than my personal place to share our own story. For that, I would like to focus on the concept of “Delivering” the message on top of leaving the stories behind. For that, I may repeat the same story over and over – so that the Core & Essence of the Sashiko Stories may penetrate into the “common sense” in the current trend.

One of the most important messages is… [Sashiko Thread Matters]. Many people discuss the purpose of using the Sashiko Thread. Some say any thread is fine for Sashiko. As Sashiko becomes the trend, many manufactures start labeling their thread as “Sashiko Thread”. I want to present a list of reasons why we, as Japanese Sashiko Artisans, call specific threads as Sashiko Threads. Threads matter significantly in Sashiko so I say I won’t continue my Sashiko without the thread we use now. You can find the “reasons” on our web, and I will come back here. One mindfood is… it matters when we think of “when” we complete Sashiko. A majority of people say/think they “complete” Sashiko right after stitching. Is it so? Did Sashiko develop like that? There are no answers, but many stories in the form of “Culture”. The “Sashiko Thread” will make a significant difference. (Our Sashiko Thread is available via @UpcycleStitches .)



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