May 05, 2023 at 05:54AM

In the Sashiko Live Streaming last night, I made a silly Freudian slip, which may sound contradicting to what I am doing now. Although I try to speak up loudly the importance of understanding “something missing in Sashiko” in today’s Sashiko trend, I feel that I have achieved my goal already. The goal is to “pass down” the Sashiko we have been practicing. I will keep sharing the stories, techniques, and mindset that consist of our Sashiko… but unlike 2019 when I first learned the concept of “Cultural Appropriation”, I feel very “content” in what I do. I have a LOT to do & share, but I am not devastated like before. We still need support in many forms, but I have hopes, which I thought I would never have.

Thanks to many people who learned Sashiko from us in the last 6 years, and those who have been enjoying Sashiko in the way we try to pass down, the Sashiko we practice will be “preserved” even if I disappear tomorrow. The gathering in Japan, with both Japanese & Non-Japanese students I have shared Sashiko, clarified that the Sashiko we practice exist in their hands, minds, and ordinary. So, I slipped my tongue yesterday that I am already “satisfied”.

It doesn’t mean that I will stop sharing the Sashiko Stories though. I learned more and more stories around Sashiko, and the other “Sashiko” which aren’t introduced in English. I learned how “filtered” and “selected” Sashiko in English by non-Japanese who benefit from this cultural simplification. My time from now on will be used for their Sashiko as well. For that, I am satisfied with “my own goal” for now, yet I build up more dreams on me. As I promise, I will never stop stitching Sashiko.



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