May 03, 2021 at 02:05PM

The photo is a close-up of the Sashiko Jackets I shared in the interview with @textiletapes. Sashiko isn’t only in books or archives. As much as we learn from history, some of Sashiko aren’t history yet – it is still a series of stories by the people who practice Sashiko today toward the future. However, it is true that Sashiko is a “declining” practice from the “traditional” perspective. Therefore, your choice directly becomes the support for the tradition. When you are interested, please learn from the Japanese who practice the Japanese Sashiko – not only the “Sashiko” filtered by non-Japanese for their convenience.

I am NOT saying non-Japanese never should teach Sashiko. If a teacher thinks that they are qualified to teach, no one can/should stop that. It is after all “Our Choice” of who we learn from. One thing I can say is that there is a significant difference in level of “qualification” between Japanese & non-Japanese in teaching. Please do not feel you learned “everything” by learning someone non-Japanese. Your choice will make the future of Sashiko (or any culture for that matter), so please be mindful who you are learning from.

History is a series of stories “(mainly) chosen” by dominating people. Before the Internet, my voice wouldn’t be heard. However, the Internet enables minorities to be a part of history. I was raised by many unknown teachers who wished NOT to teach – because “teaching” in Japanese seems to be different from “teaching” in western culture. My mission is to share those stories so that YOU can be a part of the future of Sashiko. Sashiko isn’t history yet. 



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