May 04, 2021 at 02:18PM

“Why do you do Sashiko?”. How would you answer this question? To relax? To enjoy beautiful stitches? To recycle the waste? To contribute to slow-fashion & sustainability? To protect the environment? To slow-down? To be mindful? 

All of them are true & good reasons for why you do Sashiko. However, please be advised that the answer with these purposes is already filtered by “western mindset”. I am not talking about good or bad. I just want you to know the difference.

“Why do(did) you do Sashiko” has been a question I always held, yet barely could ask in my childhood. I had to be careful in asking because many artisans including my mother looked at me as if I lost my mind. It is difficult to translate, but “just because” would be the non-verbal answer I received. Later, when I had a bit more “control”, I asked some to be more logical. Their answer, which is my answer today, is “I don’t know”.

The purpose is important to be efficient. However, some of the purpose happened to be just one of the results of just stitching. I barely do Sashiko for relaxation. I happened to feel relaxed when I get in a good rhythm in Sashiko. We pay great attention for the “Cause and effect – Inga (因果)”. I hope you enjoy being mindful without any purpose as well (It requires a LOT of unlearning, though).


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