May 02, 2021 at 10:50AM

I hope it is not too much to ask, “Keep learning” when we are interested in something foreign to us regardless of where we are from. I said Sashiko is “primitive”, but (therefore), it isn’t shallow at all. One “defining” what Sashiko is without understanding the language & culture, and telling oneself (others) to “look no further”. Their interpretation becomes the cultural filtration. I feel disgusted when one makes “profit” out of this Simplification, Filtration, and then C/A. Here, I can only talk about Sashiko. However, it happens in many forms in many cultures. I even feel pity for those because they will lose “trust” when the depth is introduced.  n this Internet society where mindful people can reach to the origin, the “fake” will be eventually uncovered. 

Sashiko is relaxing,  is slow stitching. Sashiko is beautiful,  fun, it is (visible/invisible) mending. Sashiko may be a solution of sustainable fashion… all are true statements. However, when one doesn’t understand the Japanese (language & culture), & when they learn it from non-Japanese, these statements can be a result of simplification. Therefore, I say, “they are not wrong but insufficient”. No one needs to “master” the language to enjoy Sashiko. All I am asking is to “keep learning” – by listening to the voice from the people of the culture. Is it too much to ask? Instead of being “satisfied” with a simple & easy definition done by someone for their convenience, I want them to enjoy “the Sashiko” to enrich their practice & learning.




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