May 01, 2021 at 12:49PM

Some connect Sashiko to Sustainability. Yes, it is indeed linked. However, I don’t think Sashiko itself can offer the solution to a variety of issues we face today. Sashiko is too “primitive” for that matter. Before romanticizing the (foreign) culture, the proper understanding is very important. 

To be honest, Sashiko itself is not so sophisticated for offering the “innovation” to make the world better. What you may see Sashiko as a solution is one result of people reading what they want to read. However, at the same time, by us (Japanese) continuously sharing what Sashiko really is, I believe we can contribute to “the one” in future who will come up with the solution. 

At this point, all I can do is to support someone I care about. My mother (Keiko), my family in the US, and many Sashiko friends I have met throughout Sashiko Class & Gathering. The most primitive concept in Sashiko is to make your family/friends “alive”. In order to keep “it” sustainable, I would like to make people who I care about happy first. “Happiness” isn’t easy as we say, but I want to be the last one who would feel the pain from Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko – regardless if my family/friends may receive Sashiko as their path. Learn what it is first before romanticizing it. Thank you.



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