May 02, 2024 at 11:03AM

No post for almost 10 days… you may find it quite unnatural as a Daily Post to share Sashiko Story is the standard for this account. I am okay. I will NOT stop sharing Sashiko Story. I just needed some time to reframe myself.

I had quite a good amount of talk with my Sashiko Friends (mostly in Japan). They learned Sashiko from me via my Online Sashiko Class in Japanese (So Called Unshinkai). Some of them participate in projects we plan, and one of them is now exhibited in London. I can be sure that, if I didn’t have the fortune to meet them, I wouldn’t be here sharing Sashiko. I may be stitching somewhere, but I wouldn’t be standing in front of “the shallow interpretation of Sashiko”.

With them, we are ready to surprise the world. Sashiko introduced in English, and sadly Sashiko in the Japanese Trend, is very simplified by those who “benefit” from the quickness & easiness. There is nothing wrong with focusing on entertainment – the issue is that they “mislead” the majority saying it is the “whole picture of Sashiko”. We are about to question it: not by the words as they will be defensive all the time – but by the Sashiko we Enjoy.

It is their words that gave me awakening. We keep enjoying Sashiko as we are proud of – then they will realize the difference. It is my sincere pleasure to introduce them via the tag (#運針会友達), and the important part of the Japan Sashiko Tour is to spend a lot of time with them. It is the best way to pass down the culture. Not the Sashiko “reframed” for making money – the Sashiko we, as Japanese Sashiko artisans, have been enjoying.

The Sashiko Japan Tour is probably the best way to “leave” the Sashiko we practice behind. We are preparing for the best experience possible. For the opening & waitlist, please check the Story.



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