May 04, 2024 at 10:03AM

Mingei… I am impressed by a translation of Mingei as “Art Without Heroes” by @roisininglesby. It will bridge the Japanese Philosophy standing behind their handicraft to the Western Value of Art. Mingei is indeed the Art without “Specific” Heroes.

However, “Art Without Heroes” doesn’t mean that there were no Heroes. It means that there was no one who considered themselves as Heroes. You may remember your childhood when your parents prepared meals for you every day, without any specific “request”, they took care of you. Your parents can be Heroes for what they do – yet they wouldn’t consider themselves as Heroes because they think it is their Ordinary. It goes the same to our Sashiko. What we do can be qualified as Art – even “Fine Art”, yet many of Sashiko Artisans do not consider them as Artists.

We live in a society where “Silence” won’t do much good. The louder our voice is, the more “authentic” they may be considered as Real. The approach of “Art Without Heroes” is the opposite of this trend. Therefore, I exist to be another bridge of Japanese Sashiko to Western Aesthetics.

Sashiko can be a great “hobby”. Some may consider that big pieces are only in the museum behind the glass. We still exist. We still can make the Art Without Heroes – now I am trying my best to convince those hidden to be the actual Heroes. Please do not make Sashiko as “Past”. Please do not oversimplify it. Sashiko isn’t in the Past, yet.



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